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The library offers many programs on topics such as local history, investing, planning for retirement, recent or notable books and authors, art, real estate and many other topics.

The library also provides space and receptions for local artists regularly. You can find information on our art exhibits in general on our Art Exhibits page.

Ongoing Classes:

We offer a variety of classes to help you learn the basics of how to use a computer, e-readers, current software, social medias, and personal handheld devices. Below is a list and brief descriptions of such offerings. Please refer to our newsletter to see what classes are currently being offered.

     e-Readers and Audio Devices

Kindle, Android and iPad Clinics
Do you have an eBook device/tablet and need to learn how to use it? These clinics will teach you the basics of using your device, as well as how to download free eBooks from the library’s digital catalog. Please feel free to bring your device.

OverDrive Downloadable Audiobooks
Do you have an iPod, MP3 player, smartphone, or PC and enjoy audiobooks? Learn the basics of downloading free audiobooks from our OverDrive digital service. Please feel free to bring your device into class.

     Microsoft Office Classes

Basic Word Processing and File Management
Step by step instructions in the use of Microsoft Word 2010. This class covers basic editing functions on a prepared document, creation of a folder in Windows Explorer, and the process of saving a document to the folder.

Advanced Microsoft Word 2010
This class will help you to learn how to format a document, interact with other Microsoft Office programs and prepare specialized files for printing. Specifically, the class will cover Document formatting such as section breaks, table of contents, protection, endnotes, embedded charts/tables, styles; Word interacting with Access and Excel; creating and formatting printable labels and letter merges.

Microsoft Excel 2010 Basics I
This class will explore the basic features of Excel. Students will learn how to create a worksheet, perform simple calculations, and enter basic data. Students should be familiar with the Windows environment, the keyboard and be able to use a mouse.

Microsoft Excel 2010 Basics II
This class is designed for library patrons who have completed the Introduction to Excel class or are already familiar with the basics of entering and manipulating data in an Excel worksheet. Topics such as graphs, charts, advanced formulas, and data manipulation will be explored.

Advanced Excel 2010–Charts/Graphing, Data Analysis, Statistics
This is an advanced class designed for individuals who have a solid understanding of Excel and who are looking to use it for data analysis purposes. The class will cover how to create charts/graphs, use pivot tables for analysis, common statistical functions and Excel’s free downloadable analysis add-in, PowerPivot.

Presenting Through PowerPoint 2010
This class will give an introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint, a program designed for creating presentations. Learn how to create a simple presentation, create and edit slides, insert pictures, apply designs, and run the slideshow.

Microsoft Access 2010 Beginning/Intermediate Class
This is a two-part class teaching the basics of Microsoft Access 2010 databases. In class one, database fundamentals, creating tables and relationships, importing/exporting data will be covered. In class two, creating forms, queries and reports (pending time available) will be covered.

Windows 10 Clinic
Learn how to get the most out of the new Windows interface, customize your start menu and desktop, navigate with a mouse or touch, access settings, and install apps. Bring your laptop or tablet to class to obtain hands-on experience, or watch on screen and take home handouts that will help you get started on your desktop at home. Bonus: learn how to stream videos and download digital library content for free using the Overdrive app.

     Internet Classes

Finding and Using Freely Available Legal Resources on the Internet
Want to learn more about finding legal forms, filing a court claim or action, getting attorney assistance, alternatives to court, where to find cases, statutes, rules and legislation on the web? This class provides information on all the above (focused on NYS law) plus an overview of the NYS legal system.

Facebook for Beginners
In this Social Media Lecture, you will learn basic survival tools for navigating the hazards and joys of Facebook. Designed for those library patrons who have already created or are thinking of creating a Facebook account.

Buying and Selling Online: eBay, Craig’s List and Amazon
Discover the differences between direct buy sites and auction style sites, understand the best practices for protecting personal information, and learn the benefits of buying and selling online.

Using our Transparent Language Software to Learn a New Language
Want to learn the basics of a new language for interpersonal communication, travel or just for fun? The library provides Transparent Language software, an Internet-based program that teaches basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills for 80 foreign languages and 24 native language ESL programs. This service is limited to Colonie library card holders. This class provides an overview of the software to help you start using it and learning right now!

Managing Files & Photos with the Cloud
Is your computer a chaotic jumble of digital photos, music, documents, and other files? Do you want to get your photos off your tablet or cell phone and onto your computer? Cut through the clutter and share files effortlessly between devices with Windows File Explorer and Dropbox. We’ll demystify the concept of the Cloud and learn hands on how to move, rename, sort, share, and organize files and folders.

Personal Computer Classes

Introduction to Computers: One on One
Schedule an hour with a librarian. Depending on your skills we can focus on whatever basic skills you want.

Getting Organized with Evernote
With all the things to do and remember, it’s a wonder we stay on top of everything! Luckily, there’s an app for that – a free and powerful productivity tool for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS called Evernote. From making notes and checklists, to attaching files, setting alarms, recording audio and more – we will practice using all the important features of the app, and discuss inspiring ways to use Evernote to bring efficiency and organization to your hobbies, business, career or personal life.

Stream It on the Big Screen
How to Watch Video from Your Tablet or Laptop on Your TV:
Learn how to connect your laptop, iPad, tablet, and/or smartphone to your TV to watch videos on the big screen. See the Apple TV, Chromecast, and HDMI cables in action, learn common ways to connect devices, and find out how to watch movies for free through the library.

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