What is cyber_kids?  Cyber_kids is a unique class that the Colonie Library offers.  The class was founded by Alan Dai in 2015 when he was a local high school student. In collaboration with his peers and the Colonie Library, Alan led the effort to teach young children how to have fun coding with Scratch. As a result of his success and the high demand for the class, cyber_kids continues today and is run by staff and volunteers. 

Why learn to code?  Coding requires learning how to take big ideas, break them down to smaller steps, and problem solve along the way. These are critical skills that all students need in today’s society.

What’s so great about Scratch?  Scratch is a block-based programming language not a text-based language, therefore, Scratch is easier to learn. The coding concepts are the same, no matter the level of difficulty.  The Scratch website is also an online community and is maintained by the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab. Accounts are required and it’s free.

Coding skills are no longer only for computer programmers — they are for everyone!


Create an account on the Scratch website.


See what the Scratch Editor looks like and learn the separate areas of the screen.


Learn about the Motion blocks and X and Y Coordinates.


Explore the Looks blocks to learn how to add speech bubbles, change costumes, backdrops and sizes. Wow!


Make your project come alive with sounds — choose from the website, internet, or record your own.


Event blocks are always #1. You can count on it.


Control blocks are key. Conditionals, loops and clones – Oh my!


I can operate in Scratch?! Not literally, but you can do mathematical functions!


Using variables is another critical coding concept. Psst, this is how you can add scores to your games. 

Scratch can sense colors, objects, movements, sounds and more!