Use clues to find hidden stamps in this fun treasure hunt activity, a library tradition. This activity is free and open to all ages. There are over 140,000 letterboxes on record, with 6 hidden throughout the town this year. If you enjoy the hunts at the library, try these!


Sitting area, walkway and outside of Albany Pine Bush Discovery Center

195 New Karner Rd, Albany, NY 12205
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Monday-Friday 9AM-4PM
Saturday and Sunday 10AM-4PM

The letterbox is located in the Discovery Center and is stored in a plastic toolbox with a combination lock. Answer these three questions to get the combination to the toolbox. Good Luck!!!

  1. How many solar panels are located outside the center? _
  2. How many fish are hanging from the ceiling of the center? __
  3. How many “flip” boxes are located in the WAR OF THE WEEDS display?


Lake and dock at Little's Lake

278 Van Rensselaer Blvd, Albany, NY 12204
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Wednesday–Sunday 1PM–7PM
Monday-Tuesday Closed

  1. Begin at the Nature Trail Sign
  2. Make sure to log your visit in the kiosk
  3. Pass a sign reading : Take only Pictures. Leave only Footprints”
  4. Go over a low wooden bridge
  5. Follow the peninsula sign to the left
  6. Continue on the trail to the peninsula and enjoy the beautiful view.
  7. Look for a Marker #10
  8. At the base of the marker pole, you will find the letterbox

Peeble’s Island

1 Delaware Avenue North, Cohoes, NY 12047
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Open year round, sunrise to sunset

  1. Park in the Visitor’s Center lot located at the foot of the bridge
  2. Walk across bridge and take a right at the other side
  3. Pass picnic tables and bike rack.
  4. Continue on gravel path as it passes between the fence & woods
  5. Follow blue trail markers (Eagle’s View trail)
  6. As you travel along the path, watch for a marker with a “5” on it
  7. Look into the woods on your left for the tree pictured
  8. Now find the tree with the blue trail marker nearby
  9. Your letterbox is at the base of this tree

Ann Lee Pond

Heritage Lane, Albany, NY 12205
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Dawn to dusk

  1. Walk across the front of the pond on the gravel side walk
  2. Cross the overlook bridge.
  3. Turn left when you get off the bridge enter path into the woods.
  4. Cross a gravel and stone bridge.
  5. When the path forks, stay to the left.
  6. When you come to a blue and red trail marker on a tree on your right, your letterbox will be behind a tree trunk on the ground behind it.
  7. Note: Can be wet and buggy at times. Plan your visit accordingly.
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