Library Board of Trustees

Library Board Meetings are typically held on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 6:00 PM.

Term:Board of Trustees:
12/31/25Craig Blair, President
12/31/25Donna Cramer-Sharer, Vice President
12/31/23Mary Ellen Bolton, Secretary
12/31/22Florence Abrams
12/31/21Kimberly Fanniff
12/31/22Matthew D. Sissman
12/31/24Keith Volsky
Linda Murphy, Town Board Liaison
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Mission Statement

bronze plaque of William K. Sanford
William K. Sanford

The Colonie Town Library empowers people of all ages and abilities to connect, learn, and grow by providing access to lifelong learning, technology, cultural programming, and promoting the joy of reading.

Bill Sanford early on sensed the desire of our citizens for a true full-service public library in Colonie, with enthusiastic help and cooperation of the people of the town, of many serious volunteers, professionals, public officials, town employees, and with the strong backing of the Colonie Library trustees and the Colonie Town Board, he saw to it that such a library became a reality.

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