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Art Exhibits

A Moment in Time: 99 Portraits and Perspectives

An Oral History Project from the Colonie Senior Service Center

This exhibit will be on display in the Stedman Room and Gallery from January 3-30, 2023.

Photographs of senior citizens and their statement of what they are looking forward to in their life

Homeschool Art Show

This exhibit will be on display in the Commons, outside the CUBE/Teen Room.

watercolor and ink drawing of a tree
abstract painting and drawing
painting of stream in the woods and mushrooms
pencil drawings of a bird from different angles

For more information, contact Greg Rucinski (adult exhibits) or Elissa Valente (teen exhibits), 518-458-9274.

Colonie TV

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Available to Colonie residents on Spectrum 1303 or Fios 29. Or on Spectrum with a digital TV but no digital service on 116.2.

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